cynthia nolan

Design Sketches

These elevation sketches for the Reid Park Zoo communicate a look and feel, a color palette, and a series of design elements that can be fit together in a variety of configurations to create a number of different exhibits. The sketches create a starting point for discussions about the project.

Information Graphics

While navigating construction, an illustration shows visitors what the future of the Gulf of Farallone Natural Marine Sanctuary Campus looks like. Callouts carry information about points of interest on the campus.




A design sketch for a wooden street sign for the Lazy Lobster incorporated the partying lobster that had for years been an essential element of their identiity, but also incorporated their new branding. The sign solved common problems faced by customers—Where do I enter? Where is the outside seating? And which direction do we go from here?


The owner of Karma & Company had imagined a unique look and feel for her business. She brought a mood board. Using the board to explore her influences, I hand-drew the final key design element to reflect the personal touch she wanted to convey.

Exhibit Design

The National Library of Medicine creates travelling banner exhibits to highlight a wide variety of medical subjects. This exhibit focused on the history of women and mental health. I worked closely with the client to design panels that, in addition to the text, tells the story in shades of color. The background incorporates both historical photos and hand-drawn elements.

Event Design

Inn Partnership, a non-profit organization, wanted to raise awareness of their annual fund raising event as well as creating a buzz in the community about their mission. Artist-painted fish were placed in local businesses before being auctioned. They wanted a fun, colorful identity for their advertising, tickets, programme, and donation letters.

Business Collateral

Vosper & Co wanted an eye-catching trifold that included something useful for customers to hang on to. The circular die-cut pocket on this folder holds separately printed sheets carrying measurements and a key to editing marks.

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